Building counter culture

rote flora

Liberation is an interactive, shared endeavour, not something pursued in complete isolation. Movements towards emancipation leave their mark in friendships, networks, milieux and counter cultures in the broadest sense – which in turn can serve to nurture new movements. My doctoral thesis, written in the 1990s, discussed the sociocultural roots of movement activism and their contribution towards alliance-building in the runup to the birth of the movement of movements – thanks to the activist / academic exchanges and solidarity of Manchester’s Alternative Futures and Popular Protest conference. It drew on the experience of researching the Hamburg counter culture in 1990-91 as an active participant. Later, in 2007, the symposium Everyday creativity, counter cultures and social change: an activist research symposium on how we can transform this society looked at how counter cultures had changed Ireland since the 1970s, starting from Donagh Davis’ research on Dublin’s changing counter culture.