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This page gives links to websites for my various books and background elsewhere on this site:

We make our own history: Marxism and social movements in the twilight of neoliberalism (Pluto; co-written with Alf Nilsen, August 2014 – hb, pb, eb). More on this book here.

We Make Our Own History cover

Marxism and social movements (Brill hb, June 2013; co-edited with Colin Barker, Alf Gunvald Nilsen, John Krinsky – Haymarket pb edition May 2014). More on this book here.

Marxism and social movements paperback

Understanding European movements: new social movements, global justice struggles, anti-austerity protest (Routledge; co-edited with Cristina Flesher Fominaya, May 2013 – hb, pb, eb). More on this book here.

Understanding European movements

Silence would be treason: last writings of Ken Saro-Wiwa (CODESRIA / Daraja / Books for change; co-edited with Íde Corley and Helen Fallon, November 2013 – pb, eb). More on this book here.

Silence would be treasonBuilding counter-culture: the radical praxis of social movement milieux (into-ebooks, single-authored, 2011 – eb, free). More on this book here.


Everyday creativity, counter cultures and social change: an activist research symposium on how we can transform this society (action-research, edited, 2007 – document, free). More on this book here.


A Buddhist crossroads: pioneer western Buddhists and Asian networks 1860 – 1960 (Routledge; co-edited with Brian Bocking, Phibul Choompolpaisal and Alicia Turner, August 2014 – hb). More on this book here.

Buddhism and Ireland: from the Celts to the counter-culture and beyond (Equinox, single-authored, October 2013 – hb, pb). More on this book here.

Buddhism and IrelandIreland’s new religious movements (Cambridge Scholars Publishing; co-edited with Olivia Cosgrove, Carmen Kuhling and Peter Mulholland, 2011 – hb & pb). More on this book here.

Irelands new religious movements

The Buddha and the barcode: understanding Buddhism in the twenty-first century (Dublin Buddhist Centre / into-ebooks, 2011 – eb, free). More on this book here.

Buddha and the barcodeOther than books, most of what I have written can be found online, free, from my page, my work homepage and my university’s institutional repository (search for “Cox”) – in descending order of organisation. Some older work is available at the Tools for Change site.