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7-8 am on Sunday 25 June 1848
Barricades in working-class Paris

Passing thoughts – the blog bit

  • There must be some way out of here: social movements and the crisis in Ireland
    (May Day International ebook from CrisisJam, Greek New Left Review, New Left Project and ZNet, May 1 2011) Like its predecessor, 19th century robber-baron capitalism, disorganised capitalism knocks the stool out from under the formal representation of social movements in parliaments. Perhaps it would be better to state this in reverse: organised capitalism created the relatively brief conditions within which social movements (in particular the workers’ movement) could find a relatively stable presence within many western European party systems, but those conditions have been increasingly weakened in recent years, and the likelihood of movement parties emerging (as opposed to partiesContinue reading “There must be some way out of here: social movements and the crisis in Ireland”
  • By their fruits shall ye know them
    (Fringe Thoughts blog, 11 Mar 2011) The Saif Gaddafi story (intro here) runs, and runs.As a reminder, Saif is Daddy’s son who is currently (March 11th) saying “It’s time for liberation. It’s time for action”, meaning “we’re using tanks, rocket launchers and the air force to wipe out the revolution”. Earlier, while the military were bombarding the population of Tripoli, he spoke on state TV saying “From now on the army will play a vital role in keeping law and order and returning to normalcy at whatever cost”. The Guardian describes him as “the current face of his father’s bloodyContinue reading “By their fruits shall ye know them”

learning from each other’s struggles

movement learning and thinking

the means of mental production

activist publishing

engaged research

writing and researching for fun and revolution

thinking movements and ireland

our movements aren’t quite
like your movements

movements, history, culture

we struggle in time and place

marxism, movements, revolution

“the social movement in general”

state violence and movements

how can we stop them hurting us?

sustainable activism

how can we keep going?

counter cultural struggles

how can we make a different world, and ourselves with it?

u dhammaloka
“the irish buddhist”

Irish sailor, US hobo, Buddhist monk, anti-colonial activist

ogoni, erris, climate

how can popular resistance make the world possible?

buddhism and ireland

a different way of thinking both

ireland’s new religions

not your parents’ gods

the buddha and
the barcode

21st century dharma?

– do something useful –

Defend the Rojava revolution

The feminist, ecological, democratic revolution of Northeast Syria is under constant military attack. International solidarity and publicity makes a real difference to the revolution’s chances of survival: please inform yourself and #Riseup4Rojava!

Internationalist Commune of Rojava

Listen to the Zapatistas

The Zapatistas have consistently said that the most useful way we can offer solidarity is to make our own revolution. Their Journey for Life is about listening to and speaking to movements around the world. These free pocketbooks (some translated into English) support this conversation:

Zapatista Beacon pocketbooks

Resist the military in Myanmar

The military coup in Myanmar has led to massive suffering as well as widespread resistance. Donations can make a real difference to people’s survival as well as to the chances of defeating the dictatorship. This project is one of many routes to helping:

Better Burma foundation

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